This section is to give you inspiration on how you might like to use our art. There are so many options. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


View our Photography Art for that perfect piece for that perfect room!


Talk about making a statement! With this minimalist bedroom and simple photography art of 'Staples on a Telephone Pole' (in our Photography Art section), it is a dynamic look!

By taking our beautiful piece of photography art and framing it to match your room, along with the photography art focus (the orange rose bud) matching your pillows, it makes for a dynamic look!


Now (and whenever) is the time to freshen up the look of your home. It is always a fun endeavour and can make such a difference to the room focus and the attitude of you and your family. So let’s concentrate on your kitchen. Art or graphics in the kitchen is always inspiring and makes much more fun to prepare meals and hang out! Here are some looks for you to consider. Change it up, select unusual art pieces for an ultimate new focus.


Ideas for Nurseries are just endless! Babies, Babies, Babies are just the cutest ever and your inspiration is limitless. Browse all our wonderful art for babies & kids too!




Baby Footprint Art

This is the BEST and most creative way to keepsake and display your baby's footprints! We have 5 animals to choose from (all hand-drawn ink art) and they can be customized with baby's name and bows if you wish (just contact us). You receive the artwork without the babies feet and instructions how to imprint your baby's feet on the art. There is an additional charge for customization.

Master Bath Display

From ST: I have purchased various art from WAM and this is one of my favourites. We have a very colourful and modern condo. Our master bath is a gorgeous yellow and one of the happiest places in our home. Each morning (and anytime) I step into this room, I am greeted with a framed small, yellow square with the words "you are so much sunshine to the square inch" written around it. It makes my day!




This section is meant to spark your creative self and help you with all the great different and unique things you can do with our art! 


When hanging your framed art, make the hanging part of the art! Art on walls can be however you want and changing it up can make a visual impact!

Find a dramatic shelf (or make one) and add a fresh plant to sit beside the framed art. It draws in the eye to that area.



You can do almost anything with our art! Find the perfect graphic and/or text and have it put on a T-Shirt, Ball Cap or your fave piece of clothing!


Most* of our art is compatible for printing on glass, wood, metal, etc. A piece of frosted glass makes a dramatic statement for our art and very unique mounted on a wall OR our art etched on a piece of metal and mounted on a wood wall.

(*our ink animal drawings are quite intricate and best printed on quality white paper)