Q & A

What We Do

Wall Art Mama is printable art. It is quality art that is inexpensive and immediate. No waiting, no shipping! You select from the printable art that we offer and then download high resolution PDF print files (not framed) that you simply print yourself at home or have a local print shop do the printing for you. It is fast, convenient and very affordable. You can use local printers, Staples, Walmart, Costco, etc. for printing

Why does Wall Art Mama printable art come only in a downloadable PDF print  file?

Wall Art Mama art is sold in downloadable high resolution printable art files to save you the cost (and time) of framing and shipping by us and gives you the flexibility of choosing your own style and colour of frame to match your decor. 

Does Wall Art Mama art come in different sizes?

Our art comes in sizes that fit standard frames. Our art comes in downloadable file packages of multiple sizes (5x7 up to 16x20). Some are poster size (11x17, 18x24) and some art is most suitable for square frame sizes (8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 16x16). Some of our art is one size only.

PLEASE NOTE: European sizes: 5x7 = A5, 8x10 = A4, 11x14 = A3, 16x20 = A2

What can I do with my art file once I purchase it?

Our printable art files are high resolution (300 dpi) PDF so they are very versatile. Although it is a personal choice, we suggest a quality weight, matte white paper. Semi gloss or glossy can also be used if you wish. Our printable art files can be used on wood, metal, glass, plastic, clothing, etc. Please note that files do not come framed. 

If I want more than one size, do I have to pay for each size?

You only pay one price for each purchased art no matter how many sizes they come in. Once you select the art you want, it will be downloaded in a zipped file with specific sizes, in one file, for one price.

Why do the art files comes in certain sizes, and not the same for all?

Our art files are designed to work in standard sized frames. Some of our art is designed only for square size frames and some art is specifically for larger frames and posters. 

What if I want a different size than what they come in?

Because the files are high resolution PDF files, they can be worked with to a certain extent without compromising the sharpness of the graphic. If you want a slightly different size, we suggest you ask your printer if they are able to use the file you purchased for your specific size. However, please note that the printable art files are meant to print the size they come in. 

Do you do custom work?

Yes. If you want art you do not see, or you want an extremely large file, we can accommodate you depending on the art. For a different size file, depending on size, there may be an additional charge. For custom work, if we are able to accommodate, it will require a quotation which we will provide you once you contact us.

Can I buy framed art and have it shipped to me?

We do not frame or ship product. Only downloadable printable art is available.

Our refund policy.

All of our art is custom. Once you purchase and download the printable art files, we do not provide refunds. Should your art not print properly, please take a photo and send to us. We will gladly contact you and help you with your issues. Printable art files are meant to print the size they come in.


Baby Footprint Art is a hand-drawn copyright ink print of an animal. The downloadable print comes with no feet on it. Once you select the animal print you want, purchase it and download it, print or have it professionally printed. We suggest you print one or two extra for practice. Once the print is ready for baby's footprints, use a non-toxic ink pad with black ink (readily available at various locations such as Michael's Art Stores). Either hold the ink pad to baby's foot or have baby step on the pad to ink their foot. Then have baby step on the print and you have your baby's footprints ready to frame and show off in the nursery! Instructions come with your purchased print. See our Inspiration Section for ideas!

PLEASE NOTE: All art files you purchase on Wall Art Mama, are for your use only. Once you purchase and download our art, it is yours for personal use only. You cannot share the files, copy, resell or use for commercial purposes.